Wrap Manicure Guards (10 Pack)

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Eliminate manicure clean up with these wrap around nail polish guards. They easily stay put while you multi task thoughout your manicure process. Once you're manicure is dry just peel them off to see your beautifully finished and professional looking results. NO STICKY RESIDUE AT ALL! Your package includes 10 nail guards in various colors.

  • These Latex free guards allow you to paint right over your cuticles, for the absolute smoothest, salon quality finish, brush strokes will become a thing of the past.
  • No drying time and a much smoother line than using latex based cuticle paints. GREAT FOR TOES!
  • Ideal for complicated designs, imagine how easy Water Marbling and Stamping will be.
  • These adhesive guides with bandaid like texture are so easy to use, they are totally adjustable even after you've already applied them. Leave them on until your manicure is totally dry or even partially dry.
  • Your order includes 10 multi color cuticle guards. The guards are considered disposable however, they can be reused once or twice, if you have taken proper care to return them onto the enclosed plastic sheet.


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