Velvet Makeup Blender

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Makeup blenders just got tremendously better. (At least ours did) . 

  • You know it's true. Typical blenders steal your precious foundations and makeup products by absorbing them into the sponge. Not to mention how difficult they are to use with under eye concealer!

  • Our new  Velvet Makeup Blender has silky fine surface fibers that cover the sponge; your makeup now sits on top and does not get absorbed into the sponge. These micro fibers flow across your skin's surface to apply your foundation like smooooooth velvet.  You'll finally be able to get that flawless look, even when blending concealer under your eyes. 
  • Your foundation will last longer than ever before. Depending on how you like your coverage, you only need a drop or 2  on the back of your hand to do your entire face.
  • And get this....You can also use the sponge dry with your powders, the tiny microfibers will act like the softest of brushes creating perfection for all your powder applications also!
  • Easy to clean, just rinse with soap and water. Non-Latex and Non-Allergenic material.
  • Save big when you choose a 2 pack with 1 Chisel shape and 1 egg shaped sponge. Plus shipping does not go up.



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