Long Lasting Eyelash Lift Kit

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Want long lasting curled lashes you can get at home?

So did our staff at Waking Beauty,

We found the answer after testing many lash lift kits.

What we found: 

  • We had the exact same long lasting curled lashes (sometimes better)

  • A single Lash Lift application saved up to $200.00 over 1 Salon Visit

  • Every lash lift we did lasted 2-3 months depending on care 

  • These lash kits can do up to 12 Lash Lifts - That's over 2 YEARS of beautiful lashes! Do the math!

  • Each Lash Kit includes all these tools:  

  • In stock, all orders are filled within 72 hours, expect arrival in approx 7 business days via USPS.

    Order Now before the Holidays. 

    We Guarantee you'll love your lashes and offer a 14 day money back guarantee. You won't be disappointed.
    We will include complete and comprehensive easy to follow instructions, but here is a snap shot of how to apply. 



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