3 in 1 Gel Polish Pens

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Now.. it doesn't get any quicker or easier to get nails that last for weeks. If you haven't tried Gel Polish you've just run out of excuses.  Avoid the high cost of going to the Salon, it's extremely easy to do your own at home. Not to mention that Gel Pens are easier and EVEN cheaper than ANY traditional nail polish, save with no base coat, no top coat and your manicure will LAST LONGER. Just Cure with any UV light and you'll be hooked. What no UV light?? Ours is FREE with the purchase of 3 pens, if you add it to your cart. 

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  • No top coat or base coat necessary 
  • Lasts for weeks
  • Perfect if you have nail ridges, Gel polish goes on thicker, looks smoother, and can hide many nail imperfections
  • Nails are stronger with Gel Polish applied, avoiding breakage
  • Removable by soaking method with 100% Acetone nail polish remover

Complimentary set of Nail Stencils ships with every order.



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