Microblade Eyebrow Pens

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We have the Largest Selection of Microblade Style Eyebrow Pens on the Market. A Style and Color for every Brow.

Realistic eyebrow strokes, for absolutely beautiful and natural looking brows. We carry ONLY THE BEST COLORS of many brands, including Suake, Lulaa and Handaiyan.

Choose your color in the drop down, Brunette and Auburn come in 2 tip styles.

  • Waterproof and Smudge Proof up to 2 days
  • Easy removal with any Makeup Remover
  • Market proven to be the Best Eyebrow Microblade Pens
  • We have the hard to find Colors and Tip Styles

We include a *FREE* gift with every order! 

  • Pens ship within 48 hours. Arrive 2-6 days.

 Almost Blonde - Great for Dark Blondes, Dishwaters, or Light Brunettes.  Not recommended for Platinum Blondes unless you like a darker warmer brow.
This is the lightest microblade style eyebrow pen you will find anywhere. 
Slanted Precision 4 prong tip.

Copper/Auburn - Reddish Brown shade, designed for Auburn hair, Blondes with a red cast, and Light Brown hair with a red cast all work great with this color.NEW: We now offer our Copper/Auburn in both traditional 4 prong straight tip and slanted tip, choose in drop down.

Perfect Brunette-For Gorgeous Brunette Brows. We offer our Perfect Brunette in both Straight and Slanted tips. 

Dark Chocolate -

Exactly as it says, if you've ever had Dark Chocolate this is the color. Much darker than a medium Brown. If you have Dark Brown hair, this color is a great choice. It's also a great choice for Black hair if you want a softer brow color.

Slanted Precision 4 prong tip.

Grey - Another hard to find shade. This shade is absolutely beautiful with salt and pepper hair.

Slanted 4 Prong Precision Tip. 

Midnight -

Our darkest color, very close to black. Slanted Precision 4 prong tip.

Can also be used a a really quick brow "filler". Your brows will look fuller the next day as well. 

Waking Beauty has been a trusted Beauty Products Provider since 2016.  Eyebrow Pens ship out of Ohio and ship within 48 hours.


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